Mobility Solutions

A.B. Martin offers the following mobility solutions products: Mobility Aids Lifting Solutions Health Care Beds Convertible Chairs

Medical Storage Equipment

A.B. Martin offers the following medical storage products: Endoscopy and Scope Cabinets Cath Lab/Hybrid OR Storage Medical Storage Cabinets

Healthcare Clothing

ABMS offers the following healthcare clothing: Scrubs Patient Apparel Lab Coats Cleanroom Garments Ancillary Apparel

Consumables & Supplies

A.B. Martin offers the following consumables & supply products: Gloves Dental Supplies Patient Mobility Medical Storage Supplies

Pharmacy Administration

A.B. Martin offers the following pharmacy administration solutions: Computing Workstations Medication Computing Workstations Specialty Computing Workstations Telehealth Wall Arm Workstations Wall Arm Cabinets Med Management Automated Dispensing

Optometry Equipment

A.B. Martin offers the following optometry products: Ophthalmic instruments Lenses Frames

Audiology Equipment

A.B. Martin offers the following audiology solutions: Audiometers Tympanometers Evoked Potentials Data Management Software

Dental Equipment

A.B. Martin offers the following dental products: Dental Equipment Workstations Instruments Teaching Solutions Digital dental units 2D and 3D Imaging Devices Comprehensive CAD/CAM and Software Solutions

Product Solutions

We take the guesswork out of sourcing with expertly crafted, customized loadouts and kits. With A.B. Martin Services (ABMS), whether your needs are general or highly specific, we tailor solutions to your unique requirements. Rest assured, we meet compliance standards such as Berry and TAA, offering you the confidence to place orders hassle-free. With ABMS, your […]

First Responders & Emergency Management

We understand the critical role that emergency response units play in ensuring public safety during challenging situations. That’s why at AB Martin Services (ABMS) we are dedicated to providing top-of-the-line service and tactical equipment specifically designed for first responders and emergency management teams. Our comprehensive range of products encompasses everything from advanced communication systems and protective […]

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