A little history…

Our journey began nearly three decades ago. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, ABMS began by selling to the Department of Veterans Affairs and various government entities with a primary focus on medical supply. But it wasn’t long until we developed a reputation for being able to find any obscure items our customers were looking for. 

“Hey, Jerry! We know you guys mostly carry medical products but can you help us find xyz tool? We can’t find it anywhere!” These calls became frequent and we were always up to the challenge. Fast forward to today and we’ve decided to embrace our calling by having a world-class website dedicated to helping you find what you need even faster, but our motto stil remains: if you need it, we can find it. 

We understand the needs, buying cycles, and the importance of getting the highest quality products into government facilities and businesses. And as important, we also know that time is money. Usually our customers need what they were looking for yesterday. That’s never been you, right? Well someday, it might be. Call our team when you need help finding a product and we will track it down with the expertise of Sherlock Holmes.