AB Martin Secures 5-Year GSA Contract for Kirby Lester Pill Counters and Capsa Medical Carts

Our promise to provide federal agencies and health care facilities in the country with high standard medical equipment and supplies has reached another huge milestone. AB Martin is excited to announce that we are recipient of a 5-year GSA/Federal Supply Schedule Contract under Schedule 65II A for medical equipment and supplies, which demonstrates our commitment towards meeting the requirements of our government partners..

Kirby Lester Pill Counters: Precision and Efficiency in Medication Management

Kirby Lester pill counters are synonymous with precision and efficiency in medication management. Designed to streamline the pill counting process and minimize errors, these advanced devices are trusted by pharmacies, hospitals, and long-term care facilities nationwide. With their intuitive interfaces, high accuracy rates, and versatile features, Kirby Lester pill counters empower healthcare professionals to deliver safe and accurate medication dispensing while maximizing workflow efficiency.

Capsa Medical Carts: Optimize Workflow and Patient Care

Capsa medical carts are synonymous with quality and innovation in healthcare settings. Designed to optimize workflow and enhance patient care, these versatile carts offer customizable configurations to meet the unique needs of various clinical environments. From medication administration to point-of-care documentation, Capsa medical carts provide healthcare professionals with convenient access to essential supplies and equipment, improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

Benefits of AB Martin’s GSA Contract

By securing a 5-year GSA/Federal Supply Schedule Contract for Kirby Lester pill counters and Capsa medical carts, AB Martin demonstrates our commitment to providing federal agencies and healthcare facilities with reliable, high-quality medical equipment and supplies. As an authorized GSA vendor, AB Martin offers several benefits to our government partners, including:

  • Competitive Pricing: Take advantage of competitive pricing and discounted rates on Kirby Lester pill counters and Capsa medical carts, ensuring cost-effective procurement for federal agencies.
  • Streamlined Procurement: Simplify the procurement process with easy access to a wide range of medical equipment and supplies through AB Martin’s GSA contract, saving time and resources for government buyers.
  • Compliance and Accountability: Rest assured knowing that all products offered under our GSA contract meet stringent quality and compliance standards, ensuring reliability and accountability in every purchase.

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