Redefining Wound Closure with DermaClip: Your Non-Invasive Solution

At AB Martin Services, we’re excited to introduce a revolutionary addition to our medical solutions – DermaClip products. As an approved distributor, we’re proud to offer this groundbreaking innovation that transforms the wound closure process into a non-invasive, efficient solution, disrupting traditional methods like sutures, staples, and glues. Optimizing Skin Closure: The Future of Healing […]

Introducing Nitriderm Ultra Orange™ Orange Nitrile Gloves: Your Trusted Safety Partner

As a leading distributor of medical products, we proudly offer Nitriderm Ultra Orange™ Nitrile Gloves, the ultimate safety solution for government agencies, EMS, police, fire departments, hospitals, hazmat functions, and spill management teams. Key Features Premium Protection: Our powder-free nitrile synthetic gloves, equipped with an extended cuff length, provide exceptional protection in high-risk situations, ensuring […]

AB Martin’s Leap into Federal Partnerships: “A New Horizon with ePS”

Hello Everyone, AB Martin Services has some incredible news to share! In the latter part of 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by becoming a Small Business Partner (SBP) with ePS. Out of numerous businesses, we were chosen for this prestigious opportunity. This achievement opens up a world of possibilities within the federal sector as […]

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